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Accolade XQ38 thermal binoculars

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Thermal imaging binoculars built on the basis of experience gathered in the production of Helion series thermal imagers, with a microbolometer with a resolution of 384×288 pixels. The device allows you to observe a warm lens the size of a man at a distance of up to 1350 meters. By using a microbolometer with a pixel size of 17 micrometers, with a refresh rate of 50 Hz, a very sharp image was obtained, free from blur even when observing fast-moving objects. The use of two independent displays and viewfinders significantly improves the comfort of observation. The magnification can be changed digitally from 3.1 to 12.4x (1x / 2x / 4x digital magnification, the basic optical magnification is 3.1x).

The image can be adjusted to your needs by setting the contrast, brightness and choosing one of the eight available color palettes. Similarly to the Helions produced so far, we have a stadia parametric rangefinder that allows approximate determination of the distance to an object of known dimensions. The binoculars have a built-in WiFi module that allows you to connect to a mobile device on which you can run the StreamVision application. This application allows you to remotely observe the image obtained by the thermal imager, also allows you to control the binoculars via a smartphone or tablet. The power supply uses easily replaceable IPS5 batteries allowing 7 hours of continuous operation. Optionally, IPS10 batteries with twice the capacity can be mounted to the Imager.

The Accolade XQ38 model is equipped with a lens with f / 1.2 lens and 38mm focal length. With such parameters, it is possible to observe objects at a distance of up to 1350 meters with a field of view of more than 9 degrees.

The binoculars are fully waterproof, withstands immersion to a depth of 1 meter in one hour, and is also fully dustproof.

P?ckage contents
optics cleaning cloth
USB cable
User manual
Warranty Card
IPS5 battery
night vision case