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Delta Optical MiniDot HD 26

223,58 EUR
275,00 EUR incl. VAT

Top advantages
Collimator of open type
Lightweight, compact, suitable for pistols, hunting horn or rifle
Manual digital brightness adjustment
Precise, small aiming dot
High recoil resistance

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New version of MiniDota made in Japan. The perfect compact collimator for a kennel, rifle or pistol. The distinguishing features of the second generation are: waterproof reinforced construction, manual brightness adjustment with simultaneous automatic shutdown and brightness memory function. Extremely easy to assemble and shoot. There are two versions of lenses with different dimensions: 26×22 mm and 22×15 mm. Various mounting bases for handguns available. Weaver assembly included.

We offer mounting kits that are used for popular guns.

MT-5100 – COLT1911
MT-5101 – Glock 10mm
MT-5102 – Glock 9mm
MT-5103 – Beretta 92
MT-5105 – SIG P226