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InfiRay RICO RS75

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The RICO RS75 ushers in a whole new era of high-resolution thermals with the most powerful infrared detector. The RS75 was the first to adopt a thermal imaging detector with a resolution of up to 1280×1024 pixels. Each RICO with a 1280 detector will be transformed into a completely different product class. Combined with a display resolution of 2560×2560 pixels and a 1.03-inch AMOLED display, the RS75 has been designed as a dream finder for demanding night hunters.

The first product with a sensor with a resolution of 1280.
Transparency has been redefined thanks to the 1280 detector. The image retains amazing detail even at full 12x magnification, which cannot be achieved by a 640 pixel detector.

Detection range up to 3896 meters!
The RS75 has a 75mm lens. The combination of a crazy focal length and a powerful detector extends the detection range to over 3800 meters.

Ultra-transparent mode
Like the sports mode in the car, the Ultra-Clear mode on the RS75 brings its “performance” to the limit. Users can view detailed targets even in poor weather conditions such as rainy or foggy nights.

Large HD screen
The AMOLED display with a resolution of 2560×2560 pixels and a diagonal of 1.03 inch in the RS75 can take full advantage of the powerful detector and provide excellent images as well as an amazing visual experience.

The Picture-in-Picture function increases accuracy by providing 2x magnification of the reticle area at the top of the display. It helps to enlarge the target while keeping the entire field of view visible.

Optimized eyepiece
The optical design makes the image distortion-free at any angle. Combined with an exit pupil distance of 60 cm, the eyepiece provides a better visual experience and helps counteract dizziness from prolonged observation.

LRF in Box
Included in the standard configuration is the RICO LRF, which can accurately capture and display the distance to the target with an accuracy of ± 1 meter and a maximum distance of 1000 meters.

Hassle-free recording
The improved microphone makes the sound of recordings crystal clear. 128G internal memory allows users to store countless hours of video footage and photos.