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Pulsar Core FXQ50BW

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A modernized version of the Core thermal imaging cap with a new black and white display. Pulsar Core is equipped with a top-class light-proof germanium lens and a sensitive microbolometer with a resolution of 384×288 pixels that allows detecting objects the size of a human at a distance of up to 1800 meters.

The cap is attached to the lens of the day telescope with dedicated adapters (no adapters included). Both the adapters and the cap itself are made of specially selected materials, ensuring durability and solidity of the device while preventing the aiming point from moving during the shot.

Core can be used with telescopes with a lens diameter of 42mm to 56mm with a minimum magnification of up to 5x. The caps have an eyepiece that allows you to quickly transform the device into an observation imager. This type of attachment is a great alternative to complete thermovision sights. It can be quickly assembled and disassembled if necessary, it does not require changing the aiming point in the daytime telescope, it does not require the correction of the position of the entire telescope. Core caps are fully waterproof, they can be used in all weather conditions, at temperatures from -25 to +50 degrees. The casing has an IPX7 protection degree (which allows the device to be immersed at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes).

Three observation modes (forest, city and identification) and three calibration modes (automatic, semi-automatic and manual) are available. Attached to the cap is a remote control that allows you to wirelessly control the most important functions of the device

Pulsar Core FXQ50 BW is equipped with a 50mm lens and allows detection of objects at a distance of up to 1800 meters. The length of the device is 190 millimeters, the cap is lightweight, without batteries weighs 400 g.

Note: Spotting scope adapters are sold separately and are not included.

P?ckage contents
Pulsar Core FXQ50BW

Minimum magnification: 1 (4) x
Maximum magnification: 2 (8) x
Lens diameter: 50 mm
Angular field of view: 5.6 – 4.2 ?
Weight: 400 g
Shock resistance: 6000 J
Working temperature: -25 / + 50 ? C
Diopter adjustment: + 5 / -5
Device type: thermal imaging cap
Observation range: 1800 m
Sensor: uncooled
Sensor resolution (W x H): 384 x 288 pixels
Pixel size: 17 ?m
Refresh rate: 50 Hz
Display: AMOLED
Display resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
Image colors: black and white
Lens parameters: 50 mm F / 1.2
Digital zoom: 2x
Minimum focus distance of 5 m
Water resistance class: IPX7
Working time: 4 hours
External power supply: microUSB (5V) / EPS socket
Dimensions: 190x65x60 mm
Battery type: 2 x CR123A (3V)
Warranty period: 36 months
preferred magnification for day telescopes: 2-5x
magnification (attachment version): 1x
Maximum magnification (in the monocular version): 8.2x
minimum magnification (in the monocular version): 4.1x