English speaking guides is a plus on this place. There are experience stalkers with big knowlage about the area. Hotel in distance only 5 min from the area it's another plus. Many roebucks and quality trophies can be spot here.

Fallow deer is becoming more and more popular here. Still hunters want to come here and mix it with red stags. Roebuck in this territory is very nice and strong. Hotel located on the side of the hunting area. Good

Business and hunt in Poland? Welcome to Warsaw. We will pick you from any hotel or airport in Warsaw and we go to cameral accommodation in distance only 50 km away. Here you can hunt all EU animals: roebuck, red

Hunting club and state forest areas are special mix here. We working with 5 hunting clubs in this region and we will match the right place for you. If you want to come with minibus and bring more hunters with

Sun, Beach and Hunt. What else do you need? In our comfortable accommodation you will spend good time relaxing and in the forest you will find good bucks and 5kg+ stags. It's perfect for groups 4-5 hunters as on this

Quick access from Warsaw airport. You can shoot stags between 5 and 7 kg, however several up to 9kg have been harvested in last years.Hotel is very nice, clean and camerla. Only few rooms and profesional service and kitchen. You

Very good hunting ground for bucks. We have special packages here. After shooting min. 5 roebucks you will get 1 wild boar free. Don't waist your time and book qucikly. 25 buck each year are possible to harvest. Perfect for

Wild boars, wild boars and wild boars. Hunting club shooting a year over 600 pigs! Perfect for driven hunt but also very nice for roebucks and stags. Accommodation is any agro-house managed by the CEO of the club. You will

Lakes, rivers, forest and farm fields. Perfect habitat for all kind of European animals. You can come here and relax on lakes but also spend gold hunting holiday. Hunting bucks in rut it's pure pleasure here. Various accommodation to choose.