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red stag shoulder mount

Hunting passes but memories stay – so keep them in good condition! After your hunt we can either prepare white skull or maybe do something extra with your trophy. Our taxidermy service is to make a wounderful trophy preparation like shoulder mount, full mount and quarter mount. We cooperate with the greatest 3 taxidermists in Poland to offer you quality at reasonable prices. Estimated waiting time for your trophy is around 12 months but it is worth the wait beacuse these guys are making miracles. All details like hair, feet, eyes or open jaw are like real life.

The price of taxidermist work depends on the numbers of trophies, collecting documents (CITES, vet certificate, export documents) and fee for packing and shipping.

See our taxidermist work. For more photos please visit our gallery

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We take care of your holiday hunting so we will organize your stay, hunting, licenses and trophy transport. We delivered already over 1000 hunting trophies to our hunting friends.

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Our company have permision from Ministry of Enviroment to organize legal hunting on teritory of Poland. Addtional we are secured with Insurance Company PZU.PL

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