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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable to the following website (,,,, and operated by PROHUNT MICHAL SPALT (ul. Zygmuntowska 6, 67-120 Kozuchow registered in EU at VAT no: PL6112511105) bellow mentioned as “PROHUNT”).

Privacy Policy on the Website

PROHUNT aims to obtain the satisfaction and trust of our customers by providing products and services on highest level, in accordance with our Basic Business Philosophy. As part of work to achieve this goal, we implemented the following policy to protect your personal information collected on the PROHUNT’s Websites.

1. A person responsible for the protection of personal information has been trained  and managed appropriately such a information.

2. In cases where you are asked to supply or register your personal information by which you can be identified, such as name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number, PROHUNT will inform you of the purpose of use, as well as whom to contact with any related inquiries. You will only be asked to provide your personal information within the scope appropriate to the purpose. For your security all documents send to us we requied to have watermark.

3. PROHUNT will make use of personal information only within the scope appropriate to the purpose of use to which you have agreed.

4. PROHUNT will not supply or disclose your personal information to third parties except in cases where you coming for hunting and it’s necessary to forward your name, surname and date of birth to Hunting Club or State Forest or Accommodation place in booking process.

5. If you wish to review your personal information, please contact to us. PROHUNT will make the efforts to appropriately respond to your request.

6. PROHUNT will make reasonable efforts to maintain and improve security to ensure that personal information is managed safely.

7. While complying with applicable laws and regulations, PROHUNT will make ongoing efforts to improve and upgrade measures taken to protect personal information.

  • With regard to inquiries regarding personal information supplied or registered by you, requests to review such information, etc., should be directed to the contact person indicated at the specific website where the information was submitted.
  • Please direct inquiries regarding the PROHUNT’s Privacy Policy to :
  • If you are under the age of 13, you are requested to obtain the consent of your parent or guardian, before your personal information is submitted.


1. Cookies are small data files that are written to your hard disk when you visit a website. They are used, for example, to identify you when you revisit the website at a later time. The information contained in cookies is exchanged between the website you are reading and your Web browser program, but websites are not allowed to read information from cookies created by other websites or other data on your hard disk.

2. Many websites use cookies, but you may set your Web browsers to inform them before accepting new cookies or to refuse all cookies, if you so wish.

3. The Company’s website occasionally uses cookies to enhance the information and services provided, and to make navigating the site more convenient. The PROHUNT’s website does not use cookies to obtain information that would allow it to identify you except in cases where you have agreed to provide such information beforehand.