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Our hunting grounds in Poland

This is not all. We offring over 150 hutning areas in whole Poland. Contact us for mode details and offers.

  • Zielona Gora area

    Open areas with good quality bucks. With express road A4, S8 you can be here in 3h from Szczecin or Berlin. Good food and big rooms for your stuff. Guides will show you the magic of this place. 40 bucks and over 10 stags can be shoot here.

    Area Size: 10300 ha
    Plan: 50 roebuck, 10 stags, 200 wild boars

  • Zary area

    English speaking guides is a plus on this place. There are experience stalkers with big knowlage about the area. Hotel in distance only 5 min from the area it's another plus. Many roebucks and quality trophies can be spot here. Looking for short jurney to Poland it's here only 40km from Germany border!

    Area Size: 12600 ha
    Plan: 40 roebucks, 10 stags, 300 wild boars

  • Wroclaw area

    Fallow deer is becoming more and more popular here. Still hunters want to come here and mix it with red stags. Roebuck in this territory is very nice and strong. Hotel located on the side of the hunting area. Good food and family owner.

    Area Size: 12030 ha
    Plan: 20 fallow, 50 roe, 30 deer, 200 boars

  • Warszawa area

    Business and hunt in Poland? Welcome to Warsaw. We will pick you from any hotel or airport in Warsaw and we go to cameral accommodation in distance only 50 km away. Here you can hunt all EU animals: roebuck, red deer or wild boars. Please contact us in advance as this location is very frequently booked.

    Area Size: 6800 ha
    Plan: 30 reobucks, 20 stags, 150 wild boars

  • Walcz area

    Hunting club and state forest areas are special mix here. We working with 5 hunting clubs in this region and we will match the right place for you. If you want to come with minibus and bring more hunters with you this is good place. We can arrange here more than 100 roebucks and more than 50 stags. Nice hotel near the lake.

    Area Size: 25000 ha
    Plan: 100 reobucks, 50 stags, 450 wild boars

  • Szczecinek zone

    Bucks and stags it's a main goal why you should come here. Big numbers of red deer, stags from 5 kg and more (even up to 10kg) it's domain of this place. Exclusive hotel it's just any example as near by there is also serveral other types of accommodation. Expirence guides use horn to get the stag to you!

    Area Size: 16800 ha
    Plan: 200 red deer, 80 roedeer, 300 wild boars

  • Slupsk area

    Sun, Beach and Hunt. What else do you need? In our comfortable accommodation you will spend good time relaxing and in the forest you will find good bucks and 5kg+ stags. It's perfect for groups 4-5 hunters as on this area you can shoot over 80 bucks. September rut stag hunt it's amazing adventure!

    Area Size: 16000 ha
    Plan: 100 roebuck, 20 stags, 150 wild boars

  • Pyrzyce area

    Massive number of wild boars. Accommodation is very nice and wet climate! Professional guides will pick you right on the spot! Red stags here can be strong from 7kg even up to 10kg. Each year 4-5 medal trophies. Roebucks avg. size is 300-400g which is also nice!

    Area Size: 12000 ha
    Plan: 40 stags, 60 roebucks, 450 wild boars

  • Pulawy area

    Quick access from Warsaw airport. You can shoot stags between 5 and 7 kg, however several up to 9kg have been harvested in last years.
    Hotel is very nice, clean and camerla. Only few rooms and profesional service and kitchen. You want to visit Warsaw and hunt - this is great place to check out!

    Area Size: 12000 ha
    Plan: 50 roebuck, 30 stags, 100 wild boars

  • Opole area

    Very good hunting ground for bucks. We have special packages here. After shooting min. 5 roebucks you will get 1 wild boar free. Don't waist your time and book qucikly. 25 buck each year are possible to harvest. Perfect for group of 3-4 hunters. Hotel near hunting area!

    Area Size: 8400 ha
    Plan: 35 roebuck, 10 stags, 150 wild boars

  • Mysliborz area

    Wild boars, wild boars and wild boars. Hunting club shooting a year over 600 pigs! Perfect for driven hunt but also very nice for roebucks and stags. Accommodation is any agro-house managed by the CEO of the club. You will be in good hands during your hunting trip!

    Area Size: 14000 ha
    Plan: 40 roebuck, 80 red deer, 600 wild boars

  • Miroslawiec area

    Lakes, rivers, forest and farm fields. Perfect habitat for all kind of European animals. You can come here and relax on lakes but also spend gold hunting holiday. Hunting bucks in rut it's pure pleasure here. Various accommodation to choose. Medium-level condition requied.

    Area Size: 10850 ha
    Plan: 70 roebuck, 50 red stag, 300 wild boars

  • Miedzyrzecz

    Many forest and good hunting ground for red deer and roebucks. It's also many wild boars on this hunting clubs. Accommodation is various and presented photos is only example what we can have for you on this area. Choose from hotels via agro-house or lodge. Area is little hilly but still ok to walk for non-fit persons.

    Area Size: 9500 ha
    Plan: 50 roebuck, 30 red stag, 200 wild boars

  • Kostrzyn Nad Odra area

    Shortest trip from France and Belgium to Poland. You can reach this hunting area in less than 7h. Many forest and fields make this place special for bucks and stags. Apart of the big game this is very popular area also for small game like ducks, geese and pheasnts. Nice hotel in city!

    Area Size: 8500 ha
    Plan: 30 roebuck, 10 stags, 200 wild boars

  • Gryfice area

    Next to the Drawsko there is second great hunting area in zachodniopomorskie region. Many wild boars, bushlands, wetlands and reeds. Great driven hunt each year with many animals on parade. From spring to autumn hunting club invite hunters for roebucks, red stag and wild boar hunt.

    Area Size: 16000 ha
    Plan: 100 red deer, 40 roebuck, 500 wild boars

  • Glogow area

    Good roebuck hunting its prime of this place. Friendly and family atmosphere on hunting and accommodation make this place special that you wish to come back there each season. Area is mix of forest and fields with many mid-forest grass fields - perfect for roe and deers. You can expected bucks more than 400g and stags 6-8kg.

    Area Size: 10000 ha
    Plan: 60 roebuck, 30 red deer, 200 wild boars

  • Drawsko Pomorskie area

    Drawsko Pomorskie it's any exclusive hunting grounds in Poland. Famous for nice stags and many boars. Additionally you can stay here longer for serval nice activities like kayaking, fishing and relaxing on the beach. Comfortable houses sorrunded by nature it's what you are looking for!

    Area Size: 18900 ha
    Plan: 130 red deer, 350 wild boars

  • Czaplinek area

    Individual and driven hunt place for all. Nice accommodation far away from the city relax you and regenerate after the hunt. You will feel free on this place surrounded by many animals. Nice stag trophies is advantege of this place.

    Area Size: 21000 ha
    Plan: 100 red deer, 20 fallow deer, 400 wild boars

  • Bytow area

    Great place for fallow stag hunting. We offering their big stags over 3kg. Accommodation is nice hotel near the hunting area or lodge on the area. Depending on arrival date you can mix hunting with red stag. Many wild boars is also a plus on this territory.

    Area Size: 15000 ha
    Plan: 100 fallow, 50 red deer, 250 wild boars

  • Legnica area

    Famous place for good driven hunt in region. From May till winter we can arrange individual hunts starting from roebuck and finishing on stag hunt. Professional guides and knowledge of the area gives 100% sucessful hunt. Accommodation can be nice agrohouse close to area or exclusive palace 15km away.

    Area Size: 11800 ha
    Plan: 30 roebucks, 10 red stag, 250 wild boars

  • Krakow area

    On 3 of 4 roebucks that you can shoot on this area are medal trophies. If you looking for gold medal buck this is the right place. Quick access from Krakow airport to hunting area. Accommodation is nice hotel close to the area. It's open farmfields so there is much driving and spotting. Best time to hunt is on beginning August during rut time.

    Area Size: 12000 ha
    Plan: 40 roebucks, 5 stags, 100 wild boar

  • Walbrzych area

    If you looking for muflon this is the place where you can get the goal. It's little hilly and rocky area where it's perfect or muflon. Apart of this type of hunt you can also find there nice keiler and stag (+/- 6kg). You must be good conditions as muflon hunt demand quite long walking.

    Area Size: 9500 ha
    Plan: 20 muflon, 40 roebuck, 20 stags

  • Szprotawa area

    Nice area and quality accommodation with trophies. For those who don't like to travel too far. It's less than 900 km from Paris. Mx of fields and grass will give you many shooting opportunity. Pacakge of 5 roebucks you can do on 2 outings! Many wild boars so you will not be boring 🙂

    Area Size: 6800 ha
    Plan: 40 roebucks, 10 stags, 200 wild boars

  • Szczecin area

    Individual hunt for roebucks a red stag in this area are special. Big annual hunting plan gives opportunity every hunter to get expected bag of animals. You will stay in renovated nice hunting club house. You will enjoy the food of Milena. Close way from West Europe.

    Area Size: 13500 ha
    Plan: 120 red deer, 100 bucks, 400 wild boars

  • Sokolow Podlaski area

    Open farm fields and small comlex of forest give opportunity for roebucks to put nice trophies each season. Each year we guest hunters from France who shoot 1/2 of plan. Still we have space for you. Accommodation is nice hunting club house located far away from the civilisation. Each morning you can shoot buck in slippers.

    Area Size: 9500 ha
    Plan: 60 roebucks, 10 red stag, 150 wild boars

  • Piotrkow Trybunalski area

    One of the best places for red stag hunt in September (rut period). You will be staying in nice hotel located on the hunting area. Big forest complex over 7000 ha it's paradise for mature stag. Hunting club have over 700 pcs population of deers and each year we shoot over 10 medal trophies. Book quickly if you want to hunt his place.

    Area Size: 13000 ha
    Plan: 80 red deer, 40 roebucks, 200 wild boars

  • Ostroda area

    Land of 100 lakes. This is UNESCO and Natura 2000 area. You will be staying in nice hotel in countryside with nice view on forest and river. It's perfect for roebucks (350g+) and red stags (7kg+). You will not be boring during day as there is many places to visit: historical and tourist.

    Area Size: 11000 ha
    Plan: 50 roebucks, 10 red stag, 100 wild boars

  • Olsztyn area

    Land of 100 lakes. This is UNESCO and Natura 2000 area. You will be staying in nice hotel in countryside with nice view on forest and river. It's perfect for roebucks (350g+) and red stags (7kg+). You will not be boring during day as there is many places to visit: historical and tourist.

    Area Size: 12000 ha
    Plan: 100 red deer, 30 roebuck, 200 wild boars

  • Marciszow area

    Hunting in the valleys with landscape that hold your breath. You will be staying in nice agrou-house 5 min from the hunting area. Delicious food with natural products. Roebuck hunt in this area is always succesfull and you can easy shoot 5 to 10 bucks on 1 trip.

    Area Size: 7000 ha
    Plan: 40 roebucks, 10 stags, 100 wild boars

  • Malbork area

    Individual hunting for big bucks it's just right there. Due to great farmfields the areas are full of quality food with high level of minerals. That influence on good trophy size over 400g. Accommodation is hotel in distance 8km from the area. During stay it's worth to see also Malbork castle of the Teutonic Knights.

    Area Size: 10000 ha
    Plan: 40 reobucks, 10 stags, 200 wild boars

  • Koszalin area

    Accommodation is hunting club house located in the centrum of the area so you can sleep bit more. Home made food and great hospitalty. Great driven hunt area and professional service. Individually you can shoot stags, hinds, calfs and roebucks.

    Area Size: 20000 ha
    Plan: 120 red deer, 50 roebucks, 300+ wild boars

  • Eblag area

    You want to visit Gdansk and mix it with good roebuck hunting? This is perfect place for getting nice trophies. Additionally in package you will get 1 wild boar free. It's quick access from Scandinavian countries via ferry boat. Accommodation is lovely cameral hotel located in small village. 10 min. to hunting area.

    Area Size: 8000 ha
    Plan: 50 roebuck, 10 stags, 200 wild boars

  • Jelenia Gora area

    "Valley of 1000 castles". In this beautiful place you can shoot really nice roebucks from 250 even up to 450g. Terrain is little bit hilly which give possibility to staking. Farmfields and grassfields it's perfect habitat for getting good buck. You can choose from several accommodation places in the region depending on your expectations.

    Area Size: 12000 ha
    Plan: 50 roebuck, 20 stags, 100 wild boars

  • Grudziadz area

    Area with many fallow deers. Biggest wild population of fallow deers in Europe. Accommodation is very exclusive hotel not far away from the state forest. Sauna, SPA, pool relax you after all day stalking. You can expected red stag up to 8kg and fallow stags between 2 and 3,5kg. Best time for fallow end of October.

    Area Size: 18000 ha
    Plan: 100 stags, 100 fallow, 50 roebuck

  • Gniezno area

    Wild area far away on country side. If you looking for quiet area and no mobile signal this is the places where you must go. From accommodation place you can hear roaring stags all night! There is possiblity to mix hunt with stag/buck and females.

    Area Size: 18000 ha
    Plan: 40 stags, 100 bucks, 300 wild boars

  • Gizycko area

    This is state forest area manage by the CEO. Accommodation never been so close to nature. Big stags o this areagive you possiblity to harvest 10kg+ stag. On area there is also growing population of fallow deers. Expected roebucks size is more than 350g. We recommended to take ferry to Gdynia.

    Area Size: 15000 ha
    Plan: 20 stags, 40 roebucks, 10 fallow

  • Slubice area

    East access from West Europe. The area is located only 40km from the Germany border and offer hunting lodge accommodation (aternative hotel). Hunting near Odra river gives you opportunity to get very nice trophy roebucks but also you can expected stags from 5 to 8kg.

    Area Size: 6500 ha
    Plan: 10 stags, 40 roebucks, 200+ wild boars

  • Zagan area

    Roe buck and Stag hunting there it's pure pleasure. Staying in comfortable hotel located only 5 min. from the hunting area. It's old military area with much bushlands, forest and farmfields. Perfect for stag rut in September but also great for May and July buck hunt.

    Area Size: 10 000 ha
    Plan: 40 roebucks, 10 stags, 200 wild boars

  • Klodzko area

    Great area for stag and hunting in mountains. Accommodaion is any option: exclusive castle or hunting lodge (standard price). Apart of the beatuful mountain views and good stalking conditions you can spend there great time for visiting several hitorical, geological and turist places.

    Area Size: 6000 ha
    Plan: 50 stags, 30 roebucks