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Before hunt

I dont have hunting permission in my country. Can I hunt in Poland?

I’m sorry but only hunters who have hunting permission and rifle permits in home country can book hunting in Poland. It is connected with safety regulation and proper use of firearms. People who dont have this permission can join on hunting with Polish hunter or practice target shooting with instructor.

What documents I need to book hunt?

For EU hunters we requied to send scan of hunting license and european rifle passport. Hunters who are coming to Poland outside EU need to send passport scan and hunting license.

I'm in EU and I want to bring my rifle

You must apply to local Police to received European Rifle Permission. It’s the EU standard document that contains a list of your rifles. With this document you can travel in the EU with your weapon and it is honored in all European Union countries.

I'm outside EU and I want to bring my rifle

If you would like to bring your rifle on hunting you must apply to Polish embassy in your country toΒ  receive special permission to import rifle on hunting period.

What documents I need to take with me?

Obligatory you must take with you:

  • Hunting and rifle permission (confirmation of your rifle possession)
  • Voucher (confirmation of booking hunt in Poland)
  • Third party liability insurance for hunting
How to book hunting?

To book hunt please contact us via mail or website form.

  • We will prepare offer for you
  • You accept offer and send us prepayment.
  • We receiving payment and send you invoice
  • After 2 weeks we will send you VOUCHER as a confirmation of hunting
Can you pick me up from the airport?

Sure we can. Contact us and we will discuss this during creating your hunting offer.

Important equipment and clothes

General we are fully equipped however for your comfortable it’s better that you will bring with you binoculars and if you want to hunt wild boar by night some thermal or night vision monocular for observation. Optional you can take flashlight or your favourite shooting stick etc.. Other stuff we have!


Rain boots or waterproof leather shoes is requied – early in the morning there is dew on the grass.

It’s best to take layered clothes with you. This will make it easier for you to adapt to weather conditions. Early in the morning it is quite chilly but later the sun goes out and you can take off the fleece. It is similar in the evening and later it gets colder.

Clothes must be quiet and not rustling. You must move like a ghost.

What weather will be during hunt?

I’m sorry, we are not magicians πŸ™‚
The voucher has information about the hunting place. Check the spot and see the weather onΒ

Do you require an advance payment?

Yes. Pre-payment in the amount of min. 300 EUR is required as confirmation of your arrival.

Do we need to pay all in front?

No. Only prepayment is required in front. Balance you can pay when you arrive to Poland and for trophies after the hunt. We not accept bank transfers after hunting if you coming to Poland first time with us.

Can I pay in PLN, USD, GBP or other currency ?

Our prices are given in EUR. In Poland, we have the Polish Zloty (PLN) currency. You can pay for hunting and trophies in PLN, GBP or USD. To calculate the amount from another currency, we apply the selling rate to EUR according to National Bank of Poland from the first day of hunting.

During hunt

Check-in and Check-out time

Usually you need to check out from lodge / hotel before 11:00 on the last day of your stay however if you informed reception in front that you need 0,5-1h more they usually agree to stay longer at the room. In case if owner of accommodation place charged us for another day we will be obligated to charged you as well.

Check-in is possible after 14:00.

What contains full-board?

Full board contains 2 or 3 meals per day: breakfast and dinner or breakfast, lunch and light supper. All additional orders at hotel like coffe, tea, soft drinks, alcohol you are obligaed to pay before you check-out.

Will I get a refund if I do not complete the package?

In most cases, yes, unless the terms of the offer say otherwise. You will get a refund if you will not be able to shoot the main species from the packet, for extra or free animals not. In case the game will be possiblie to shoot and you do not decide to shoot, the compensation will not be paid. In case of wounding and not finding the animal (visible bone, blood or fur on the ground), the compensation is not payable as well.

Alcohol and drugs

Drink alcohol and using drugs are strictly forbidden during hunting. All the time when you are on hunting you need to be total clear with alcohol in your blood (0,00 promil). Guide or leader if hunting can exclude you from hunting in case if you not apply this rules. The return of the amount for hunting in such a case is not apply.

Rules and Safety regulations on hunting

For information about Safety Regulations please visit our page. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us.

Can I shorten my stay?

Yes. You can resign from further hunting at any time, unfortunately refund for the hunting and accommodation period you ordered is not refundable.

Can I shoot more animals than I book?

All will be depending on annual hunting plan at hunting club. If they will have some animals left in the plan in most cases it’s possible to hunt more – the decision in this case belongs to the president of the hunting club.

I want to make shoulder mount or full mount.

Let us know in advance about this fact. In this case, when gutting animals we will not cut the skin on the throat and shoulders. The amount of the “taxidermist service” includes: professional skin trimming, transport to the taxidermits, preparation service, collecting the necessary documentation to export the trophy to you.

Do I need to pay for trophy preparation ?

No! This is included in base price. All trophy animals that you shoot will be prepared in european-style. We take off the skin, boiled and clean skull, kill all bacterias with perhydrol 30% and left to dry.

After hunt

How can I pay for the hunt?

You can pay:

  • in front by bank transfer to send us more money as a prepayment for trophies
  • after hunting in cash or card (we add a transaction fee to total amount)
Can you ship trophies for me ?

Yes, we can send trophies to your home. Shipping and packaging costs will be charged according to the price list of the transport company. We already send trophies to USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia and other European countries. To each package we adding vet certificate, CITES (if needed), and invoice for taxidermist service. This documents will give you fully right to go via customs process and received your trophies without any complcations.

Discount for next trip?

Sure we do! Contact us for more information.

When can I expected trophies?

As soon we collect all documents needed for shipping we will send you package. Due to some hot-season-hunting sometimes delivery can be delayed but we trying collect all papiers and permits in 2-3 weeks after your hunting. If you order taxidermist work we will ship you package as soon work will be done.

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