Business and hunt in Poland? Welcome to Warsaw. We will pick you from any hotel or airport in Warsaw and we go to cameral accommodation in distance only 50 km away. Here you can hunt all EU animals: roebuck, red

Great place for fallow stag hunting. We offering their big stags over 3kg. Accommodation is nice hotel near the hunting area or lodge on the area. Depending on arrival date you can mix hunting with red stag. Many wild boars

Area with many fallow deers. Biggest wild population of fallow deers in Europe. Accommodation is very exclusive hotel not far away from the state forest. Sauna, SPA, pool relax you after all day stalking. You can expected red stag up

This is state forest area manage by the CEO. Accommodation never been so close to nature. Big stags o this areagive you possiblity to harvest 10kg+ stag. On area there is also growing population of fallow deers. Expected roebucks size