Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer

February is the time to book a hunt, but also a private time for a trip πŸ™‚ This year I planned a hunt in England. Thanks to the kindness of the deer hunters who visited me, I had the opportunity to hunt Chinnese Water Deer and Muntjac. These 2 wonderful species are found only in Great Britain (Europe), which makes it unique. The hunt was very dynamic and interesting, and at the same time it required skills that I had acquired over the years. The guide knew the area and took me to very interesting parts of the area – that’s where I shot my first CWD. The next day we hunted in the 2nd area there, after spending 10 minutes on the highseat, I got a beautiful (medal-winning) Muntjac. A precise shot and 2 pieces in the basket πŸ™‚ We also hunted in the 2nd area, but unfortunately the weather was not favorable. I also had the opportunity to acquire a beautiful fallow deer on the prairies of Wales. A great adventure that I recommend to everyone.