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A-TEC AR 40-4 thread

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New series of silencers suggested for assault weapons. Made of steel for durability. These silencers, in accordance with the instructions, allow you to fire 1 magazine with continuous fire or two with fast rhythmic fire. In tests, they withstand over 5 magazines fired with continuous fire. The AR 40-4 is the largest silencer in the AR series.

The minimum length of the barrel: 16 ″
Length: 181mm
Efficiency: 26dBc for .308, 33dBc for 7.62 × 39
Diameter: 39mm
Weight: 425 grams

In case of out of stock, waiting time is approximately 4 weeks.

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.223, .30


1/2-20, 1/2-28, 11/16, 5/8-24, 9/16, M13x1, M14x1, M14x1L, M15x1, M16x1, M17x1, M18x1