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Delta Optical Extreme 10.5×70 ED

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The powerful wide-angle Delta Optical Extreme 10.5×70 ED binoculars with a less typical 10.5x magnification, made of solid materials and using ED glass with very low dispersion. The first glance at the parameters shows that the exit pupil of this model reaches a value of almost 7 mm, and this happens at a magnification of 10.5x.

It is extremely bright equipment, collecting a large amount of light. Contrary to many binoculars of this type, we deal here with a very solid structure, made entirely of metal, which can withstand many years of use in difficult conditions. As shock-resistant equipment, it can withstand even minor blows and falls. That is why you can take it to the other end of the world without any worries, because with such a construction the binoculars should not be damaged in air transport.

Equipped with powerful lenses with a diameter of 70 mm, made of very low dispersion ED glass and huge prisms, it transmits a lot of light to the observer’s eye. With a magnification of 10.5x the brightness obtained is so extremely high that it is difficult to find a pair of binoculars on the market that will allow you to obtain such a bright image at this magnification. Due to the large dimensions, it is recommended to conduct observations with Extreme 10.5×70 ED binoculars from a tripod. All lenses of this model are covered with multilayer antireflection FMC coatings.

These binoculars are usually used for two purposes. First, they are suitable for observing poorly lit terrain as stationary equipment. This possibility will be willingly used by naturalists who often conduct observations at dawn, dusk or even at a moonlit night, when very good detail of the image is needed. The second, equally important application of the Extreme 10.5×70 ED binoculars is astronomical observations of blurred objects under a very dark sky. There is probably no better pair of binoculars for observing the great subtle structures of the Milky Way, bright nebulae, or vast objects such as the M31 galaxy in Andromeda. It is an outstanding comet observation equipment, giving a wide field of view, long range and high brightness of surface objects such as comet tails. These binoculars will be perfect for extremely dark skies, away from city lights. For slightly higher lighting conditions, we recommend another, large model from the Extreme ED series – Extreme 15×70 ED.

The Extreme 10.5×70 ED model is very resistant to temperature differences and can be used in a wide temperature range from -40 ° to +70 ° C.


  • Tripod adapter ¼ “
  • optics cleaning material
  • binoculars strip
  • binoculars suitcase
  • objective caps
  • spectacle covers

Additional information



Magnification [x]


Objective lens diameter [mm]


Objective lens material

Glass ED

Optical coating


Twilight Factor


Relative brightness


Exit pupil [mm]


Eye relief [mm]


Angular field of view [deg.]

5,0 °

Linear FOW at 1000m [m]


Focus adjustment

external separate for glasses

Shortest focusing dist. [m]


Pupillary dist. adj. [mm]


Dioptre adjustment [D]


Prism system


Prism material

Glass BaK4



Nitrogen filling


Tripod mounting

Adapter ¼"

Weight [g]


L x W x H [mm]