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Delta Optical Titanium 3-24x56ED CCT HMR.P300

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The Delta Optical Titanium series of sights is very popular in Europe and in the world thanks to the high parameters common to all products in this series. Delta Optical Titanium spotting scopes are of exceptional quality and precision. Each parameter has been refined with the end user in mind. The sights in this series are characterized by a high light transmission of about 92% for the entire optical system of the telescope, which enables hunting even with residual lighting, and high mechanical resistance, which means that it can withstand recoil even with high-powered weapons.

A modern sight with 8x zoom with a variable magnification of 3-24x and a lens diameter of 56 mm will meet the tastes of every shooter. The telescope is characterized by a structure based on ED glass, which ensures excellent image quality, and the high light transmission, special anti-reflective coatings and an illuminated central point allow you to shoot even in poor lighting conditions. A solid tube with dimensions of 34 mm allowed to use the adjustment of the central aiming point in the range of 100 MOA. Specially dimensioned and calibrated reticles, the result of many years of experience in long-distance shooting, allow you to make accurate shots at long distances. In addition, like any other model from the Titanium series, the bezel is nitrogen-filled, which makes it waterproof and suitable for all conditions.

The presented model is equipped with the unique HMR.P300 net for shooting at medium distances, which is a modified MR.P300 net. Namely, it has enlarged dimensions of points P200 and P300 and a bold drawing of the reticle. The net has two illuminated points, one in the central and the other below the central one, the points make it possible to compensate for the fall of the projectile. The aiming points only occupy 10 mm over a distance of 300 meters at 24x magnification. The scope has CCT (Compact Cover Turrets) knobs. Closed-type turrets (CCT) perform better in hunting applications, high-open turrets (OLT) are better for precise, long-range shooting. In both cases, the ZeroLock mechanism was used to lock the vertical adjustment of the aiming point when shooting at a certain distance.

The light transmission and mechanical strength have been confirmed by tests carried out at the German DEVA Institute.

Body material: Aluminum -70%, Brass – 20%, Steel – 10%