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Delta Optical Titanium 50ED

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The Delta Optical Titanium 50 ED spotting scope is an extremely compact, handy spotting scope with a modern design and very good optical properties. Thanks to the solid performance it is suitable for a variety of field observations – it works well in both professional and hobby applications – for nature observation, hunting and even for simple sky observations.

As in the larger model of the Titanium 65 ED II telescope, the lens made of ED glass with very low dispersion allowed for a significant reduction of chromatic aberration. As a result, the image is extremely sharp and contrasting, and the colors are rendered in an extremely faithful way. In addition, ED type glass allowed the use of a short focal length of only 170 mm.

The distinguishing feature of the device are its small dimensions. The Titanium 50 ED telescope is probably the smallest telescope currently produced with a 50 mm diameter lens. It weighs only 500 g and is only 17 cm long!

The telescope is equipped with a variable focal length eyepiece, allowing magnification in the range from 7.5x to 22.5x. The very large exit pupil diameter of up to 6.7 mm helps in conducting efficient observations even after dark. The telescope is fully waterproof, and filling its housing with nitrogen that does not contain water vapor prevents the optical elements from fogging up from the inside.

The Delta Optical Titanium 50 ED spotting scope is an extremely well thought-out design. First of all, it is nice to use astronomical glasses in the popular 1.25 “mount standard. To use such a eyepiece, just turn the mounting ring counterclockwise and after removing the mounted eyepiece, slide the new eyepiece in its place. Specialized astronomical glasses, especially with fixed focal length, allow get very large fields of view and extremely sharp images even at the edges.

The device has a 5-year warranty period.

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  • eyepiece
  • case
  • eyepiece and lens caps

Additional information

Minimum magnification [x]


Max. magnification [x]


Linear FOW at 1000m [m]


Angular field of view [deg.]

6,0 °

Objective lens diameter [mm]


Eye relief [mm]


Focal length of lens [mm]


Shortest focusing dist. [m]


Objective lens material

Glass ED

Nitrogen filling




L x W x H [mm]


Weight [g]


Tripod mounting

Adapter ¼"