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Flashlight Pulsar Ultra-X940 IR

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Illuminator dedicated to Digisight Ultra N450 / N455, Digisight Ultra N450 / N455 LRF night vision sights and Pulsar Forward F455 night vision attachments. Porthole equipped with power regulation.

X940 IR – uses a 940Nm long beam invisible to the human eye, which allows you to observe the game without the risk of being noticed and disturbing the game.

X850 IR – uses a beam that guarantees the best use of it through the night vision sight sensor and enables the observation of distant objects.

– 3-step adjustment of the lighting power allows for optimal use.

– intuitive and quick installation

– powered by the sight


Additional information

IR wavelength [nm]

940 (invisible)

Device type

Laser illuminator

Shock resistance

6000 J


Yes (IPX7)

Working temperature range

-25 / +50 °C