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HIKMICRO Thunder Pro TQ35C

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The Thunder Pro TQ35 comes with a SUB 35mK NETD, 640×512 12µm Thermal Sensor giving the device a detection distance of well over 1km. The HD display screen also offers great clarity and a much larger variety of scope options to attach to. The unit is compatible with scopes of a base magnification up to 8x. The Thunder TQ35C like all other HIKMICRO devices has a flawless connection to any device that can download the HIKMICRO SIGHT APP. Whether you are hunting alone or with a partner, the Wi-Fi option will give you the capabilities to see everything through the device the unit is streamed to. Remember, two sets of eyes are always better than one.

The HIKMICRO Thunder Pro TQ35 is a revolutionary thermal scope. The unit can be used as a thermal clip-on, simply add the correct size adaptor (sold separately) to suit you day scope.

With the addition of the HIKMICRO scope eye piece for the Thunder you can use it as a Thermal Monocular.

With the scope eye piece add the HIKMICRO picatinny rail mount for the Thunder and you can now use it as a dedicated Thermal Scope.

The full kit comes with the TQ35, the eyepiece adaptor for use as a clip on (scope adaptors sold separately), the eyepiece for use as a monocular or rifle scope, and the pic rail mounting adaptor for use as a rifle scope – a wonderfully adaptable piece of kit!

HIKMICRO Thunder TQ35C 3 in 1:

  • Thermal clipon (no adapter included),
  • Observation monocular (only additional with an eyecup),
  • Thermal scope (only additional with eyecup).

Additional information

Magnification [x]


Sensor resolution [px]

640 x 512

Pixel size [µm]


Thermal sensitivity [mK]


Refresh rate [Hz]


Angular field of view [deg.]

12,5° x 10,1°

Observation range [m]


Lens parameters

35 mm F/1,0



Display resolution [px]


Shock resistance

750 g/1 ms

Battery type

Two CR123A or two RCR123

Battery lifetime [h]


Protection Level


Weight [g]


Working temperature range

-20 /+55℃