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The PARD hunting scope – top-class thermal imaging

Thermovision is a technology that uses in its action thermal radiation generated by living organisms. The hunting telescope allows the user to observe the surroundings and hunt in conditions that would simply make it impossible without it. Hunting on a cloudy night, dense forest, where the glare of the moon and stars does not reach, or heavy rain or dense fog that limits the visibility to a large extent, will not be a problem anymore. Thermal imaging is superior to night vision in that it does not even need a minimal light source to function properly. It is a great option for all those who value comfort and confidence in hunting. All this is offered by the new PARD infrared telescope.

PARD thermal vision sights – a new quality of hunting

The PARD thermal vision sight is a guarantee of quality – original solutions, modern technologies, small size and ergonomic shape, as well as high mechanical resistance. All these features make the PARD hunting telescope one of the best choices for every night hunting enthusiast. The most important advantages of PARD sights include:

high-quality display,

possibility of operation in the temperature range from −20 to 55 ° C,

high-quality battery enabling long operation of the device,

option to put the Imager into hibernation mode, which increases battery life,

automatically changing color of the cross,

PIP mode,

quiet operation, preventing the observer from being detected by the game,

digital zoom for far zoom x2, x4 and optical zoom x3.9,

the possibility of using the telescope as an observation thermography, thanks to the option to turn off the reticle,

Polish language of the menu and software (you can choose Russian, English, Arabic or Chinese),

possibility of manual calibration of individual settings and options of the device.

The PARD hunting scope has a very high resistance to moisture and is dustproof. A short immersion in water, exposure to rain or a recoil force of 6,000 J will not involve the risk of failure. So it is a device designed to work in demanding, even extreme conditions.

PARD thermal imaging telescope – the highest image quality

PARD thermal vision sights are equipped with a SONY OLED display with a resolution of 1024 × 768, which ensures very high-quality image reception. The function of removing dead pixels, increased image refresh rate, which is 50 Hz and the lack of detector calibration, i.e. the use of the aforementioned shutterless technology, ensures that the image of even a constantly moving animal that reaches us will be smooth and not susceptible to the freezing effect. An additional advantage is the possibility to choose one of five color palette options – White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Iron Red, Sky. This allows you to personalize the device in such a way that its use is as comfortable as possible.

The enormous detection range enables the PARD hunting scope to detect a man from almost two kilometers, and a vehicle from almost four. It is thanks to a germanium lens with a focal length of 19 mm. What’s more, the gyroscope function and additional digital e-compass provide even greater precision and enable the identification of roll and angles. All the described technologies make the PARD thermal imaging sight one of the best models among products of this class available on the market.

PARD hunting scope – simplicity and functionality

The intuitive interface and easy-to-use menu make using the device trouble-free and pleasant. Quiet operation is a guarantee that we will not be detected by the observed game. What’s more, the intelligent memory of user settings makes it unnecessary to personalize it each time the Imager is turned on. Pocket dimensions, which are 162 × 74.6 × 65.5 mm and a small weight of 460 g, make the PARD hunting scopes one of the smallest devices of this type available on the Polish hunting market. The compactness of the device is perfect for even the longest trips.

PARD thermal vision sights – irreplaceable during hunting and game observation

The PARD hunting telescope enables easy, silent and reliable game observation. It is a top quality product that brings hunting to a new, innovative level. It is a perfect model for avid hunting enthusiasts and people who are just starting their adventure with hunting. It will also be an indispensable tool for nature lovers who love to observe the life of wild animals. Equipped with many modern options, PARD thermal imaging sights guarantee the highest image quality. It is worth paying attention not only to the shutterless technology provided by the ULIS 384 × 288 pixel detector with a size of 17μm, but also PiP (Pictrue-in-Pictrue) function. Thanks to it, the accuracy of observation is much greater, as it enables the image to be magnified twice in the area of ​​the grid in the upper part of the display. As a result, you can enlarge the target without reducing the visibility of the entire field of view. Moreover, the laser rangefinder, which was implemented in the LRF version, carries out continuous measurements, the result of which is displayed on the display, after switching on the dynamic continuous measurement mode. The accuracy of the measurements is up to 0.5 m.

Additional information

Magnification [x]


Max. magnification [x]


Sensor resolution [px]


Pixel size [µm]


Refresh rate [Hz]


Angular field of view [deg.]

7,2° x 5,2°

Observation range [m]


Lens parameters

45 mm / F1,0



Display resolution [px]


Digital zoom [x]


Eye relief [mm]


Dioptre adjustment [D]


Battery type

One 18650 battery

Battery lifetime [h]


Parallax adjustment

7m – ∞



Shock resistance

6000 J

L x W x H [mm]

162 × 74,6 × 65.5

Objective lens diameter [mm]


Protection Level


Weight [g]


Working temperature range

-20 /+55℃