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PARD SA-45 V.2

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List of changes to SA-45 V.2:

new silent buttons,

PIP mode,

self-centering of the target net,

digital zoom increased to x4,

the ability to turn off the reticle to use the device as an observation thermal imager,

modified reticule nets adapted to the needs of hunting,

automatic change of cross color,

changing the method of shooting and positioning the cross,

possibility of manual calibration of the distance measurement display point,

the possibility of using the version without a measuring point rangefinder as a quick ballistic profile, e.g. 0 to 200m.

new SONY OLED display, 1024 x 768 pixels.

Thermal imaging technology

The latest generation technology used in the device allows you to enter a completely new world of observation. Thanks to it, we can see many details both day and night that are impossible to see through classic optics or digital night vision devices with an IR illuminator. This increases safety and reduces the risk of errors. The lack of detector calibration (shutterless technology) allows for continuous, smooth and silent operation without freezing the image, as is the case with older models. An important feature is the passive and discrete operation of the device – the user is invisible in the field. The possibility of using many types of mounts allows for versatile and universal use.

High picture quality

PARD SA series thermal imagers are equipped with a high-quality SONY OLED display with a resolution of 1024×768. A high-class 384×288 pixel detector with a size of 17μm has also been implemented. Smooth image when observing objects in constant motion is ensured by a high refresh rate of 50 Hz. The device also has the function of removing defective pixels. There are 5 color palettes: White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Iron Red, Sky

ULIS detector 384×288 pixels with a size of 17μm in shutterless technology

High device resistance

PARD thermal imaging sights are highly resistant to even the most extreme conditions that we can meet in the field. The device has a high operating temperature range from -20 ° C to + 55 ° C. The degree of dust and water resistance determines the high IP67 protection index. This means that the thermal imager is resistant not only to moisture or rain, but also to a short immersion in water. In addition, the device is resistant to recoil up to 6000J.

Long detection range

PARD thermal imaging devices are currently characterized by the most effective possibility of long-distance observations in this price range. The SA-45 thermal imaging sight is equipped with a germanium lens with a focal length of 19 mm, thanks to which it can detect a person up to 1800 m and a vehicle even up to 3800 m. The far zoom is provided by x2, x4 digital zoom and x3.9 optical zoom.

Comfortable operation

The thermal imager has a very simple and intuitive software in Polish, which makes the use of the equipment simple and pleasant. Thanks to the new, quieter buttons, you can easily operate the device even in complete darkness. The function of remembering the settings, on the other hand, saves the user the need to adjust the device to work every time.

Compact dimensions

Small dimensions (150x51x65.5) and weight not exceeding 420g make this device a compact companion for night hunting and observation. Handy dimensions mean that we can take them wherever there is a need.

PiP-feature The Picture-in-Picture feature improves accuracy by enlarging the image by 2x the grid area at the top of the display. This helps to magnify the target while keeping the entire field of view visible.

reticle, there are as many as 5 color palettes and 5 types of reticle. It is also possible to turn it off. The equipment is also equipped with the reticle auto-centering functions. It is possible to save up to 10 device settings.

e-compass – the device has additional functions such as a gyroscope and digital e-compass. Built-in systems increase accuracy by precisely identifying cant and angles. It also indicates the direction and degree of tilt of the side account.

The device is powered by commercially available 18650 cells, such as in the Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh battery. Thanks to this, it is possible to easily retrofit additional cells in order to extend the operating time of the device. The device has the ability to go into hibernation mode, which allows you to save energy.

  • Image

    lens: focal length 45mm / F1.0, manual focus

    detector: ULIS 384 x 288 pixels with a size of 17μm in shutterless technology

    screen: SONY OLED / 1024 x 768 px

    reticle: 5 options or not available

    diopter adjustment: ± 5

    aperature: 8mm

    eye distance: 45mm

    optical magnification: 3.9x

    digital zoom: 2-4x

    maximum magnification: 15.6x

    focus range: 7m to ∞


  • Other

    video output: analog

    laser marker: visible red light

    working temperature: -20 ° C to + 55 ° C

    recoil resistance: 6000J

    battery: 18650 3.7V without protection

    power saving: hibernation mode

    housing: black color, aluminum 6061

    dimensions: 150 x 51 x 65.5 mm

    rangefinder: no

    additional option: 5 “LCD screen with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels (not included)

    Warranty and service:

    – 3 years ULIS bolometer and germanium lens,

    – 2 years other components,

    – 6 months rechargeable batteries.


Additional information

Magnification [x]


Max. magnification [x]


Sensor resolution [px]


Pixel size [µm]


Refresh rate [Hz]


Angular field of view [deg.]

7,2° x 5,2°

Observation range [m]


Lens parameters

45 mm / F1,0



Display resolution [px]


Digital zoom [x]


Eye relief [mm]


Dioptre adjustment [D]


Battery type

One 18650 battery

Battery lifetime [h]


Parallax adjustment

7m – ∞

Shock resistance

6000 J

L x W x H [mm]


Objective lens diameter [mm]


Protection Level


Weight [g]


Working temperature range

-20 /+55℃