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Pulsar Axion Key XM30F

1.219,51 EUR
1.500,00 EUR incl. VAT

16 GB of internal storage
Quick-change APS3 battery
Ergonomic rangefinder-like
HD AMOLED microdisplay (XM30, XM38)
LCOS display (Key XM22, Key XM30)
Full waterproof ? IPX7
8 thermal color patterns (White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Red Monochrome, Rainbow, Ultramarine, Violet and Sepia)
Calibration modes (automatic, semi-automatic, manual)
12 ?m pixel pitch
50 HZ frame rate
Built-in video & sound recorder (XM30, XM38)
Made from rugged magnesium
Stream Vision compatibility (XM30, XM38)

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The Key XM30 model has a picture in picture 2.5-10x digital zoom and 2x optical magnification. With this model, a maximum observation distance for an animal, such as a deer is 1200 m. The field of view is 10.3 m/100 m which means that this model is more appropriate to use on longer distances. Angular field of view of the Key XM30 unit is 7.8?. If your sole purpose is to observe an object without a need of taking pictures or videos then this unit (Key XM30) is the one you are looking for.

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Pulsar Axion Key XM30