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Pulsar Helion 2 XQ50F

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The newest Helion 2 thermal imager is based on a very sensitive NETD sensor smaller than 40mk high resolution and a light-sensitive lens with a focal length of 50mm. This combination allows you to observe an image with excellent resolution at a range of up to almost two kilometers. The field of view of the Helion 2 XQ50F allows you to effectively detect objects from a long distance while observing a large part of the terrain, but from a shorter distance we have no problem with error-free identification of the object.

The image resolution is 384×288 pixels. The basic magnification is 4.5x, it can be digitally magnified up to 18x. Innovative electronics in conjunction with a display with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels allows you to process the image in a more efficient way, with lower noise than in the equipment produced so far.

A characteristic element is a housing made of magnesium alloy and a heat sink, which has a significant impact on reducing the noise of the observed image and better heat dissipation from the optical systems. The second characteristic element is a dedicated 6.4 Ah battery mounted on the side of the housing. The batteries can be easily replaced, it is possible to purchase additional batteries (including batteries with twice the capacity), which in practice solves problems with power supply in the field.

Helion 2 has extensive image processing options. It is possible to precisely adjust brightness and contrast as well as use one of eight color palettes. The device has a digital zoom switchable in the following cycle: 1x, 2x, 4x, as well as smoothly with 0.1x increments. The image can be calibrated manually as well as thanks to an automatic algorithm analyzing the image. In addition, you can choose from three predefined modes that group the best settings for different working environments.

Helion 2 thermal imagers have an easy-to-use image recorder that allows you to take pictures and record videos. The files are stored in the internal memory of the device with a capacity of 16 GB.

The Imager has a USB port that allows you to transfer recorded files from the internal memory to a computer. What’s more, this socket can be used to supply power using standard 5V power banks. Fans of new technologies will be pleasantly surprised by the possibility of viewing the image on mobile devices using the StreamVision application. By connecting to the thermal imager via WiFi, we can gain access not only to the observed image but also to the functions controlling the device.


Improved sensor <40mK
Advanced NETD sensor with a sensitivity of <40 mK guarantees precise recognition of details even in adverse weather conditions such as rain and fog, even when the temperature contrast is small. Minimal temperature differences are clearly visible.

Modern microbolometers
Helion XQ series thermal imagers are equipped with modern high-resolution 384×288 pixels sensors.

Digital zoom up to 4x
Pulsar Helion 2 offers digital zoom up to 4x, thanks to which we have a magnification from 4.5x to 18x.

The device is IPX7 waterproof, which means it is completely waterproof (immersed in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes)

Simple operation
Intuitive operation combined with modern technology gives us an effective, but also comfortable to use thermovision monocular.

The ability to update the software
Pulsar is the only company that enables software updates in its products, thanks to which users have access to the latest improvements. This unique feature keeps the device constantly changing and getting better.

Built-in video / photo recorder with 16 GB memory
The Imager has a built-in video and photo recorder and an internal memory with a capacity of 16 GB. The microUSB port allows you to transfer recordings from the Imager to a computer.

Powered by dedicated batteries of the B-Pack system
For the Helion series, Pulsar offers a wide range of batteries with various capacities: IPS7, IPS14.

Display OFF
The “Display OFF” function puts the display to sleep without turning off the device, which saves battery power and makes it easier to remain unnoticed in the dark.

Frost-resistant AMOLED display with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels
The high-resolution display (1024×768 pixels) combined with high resistance to extreme temperatures ensures that the device will not disappoint us even in the most difficult conditions.

Extreme range
The use of high-quality germanium optics ensures a detection range of up to 1800m.

Picture in Picture mode
Picture in Picture mode allows you to enlarge the central part of the picture in a specially displayed window. The additional window only takes up 10% of the total display area.

Color palettes
Various color palettes of the image are available – the user can choose from as many as 8 versions (White Hot, Black Hot, Hot Red, RedMonochrome, Rainbow, Ultramarine, Violet, Sepia)

Wide temperature range
Helion 2 thermal imagers can be used at any time of the year – the device works in the range from -25 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Stadiametric rangefinder
Thanks to the parametric rangefinder, we can easily determine the distance to a target of a known size.

High refresh rate
Even when observing moving objects, the image is smooth and the observations are comfortable thanks to the refresh rate of 50 Hz.


  • USB cable
  • USB / 230V charger
  • Optics cleaning material
  • Hand strap
  • Lens cap
  • IPS7 battery
  • Case
  • Warranty card with a hologram
  • IPS battery cover
  • Docking station for IPS batteries

Additional information

Minimum magnification [x]


Max. magnification [x]


Linear FOW at 100m [m]


Angular field of view [deg.]

7,5×5,6 °

Device type


Observation range [m]


Dioptre adjustment [D]



uncooled microbolometer

Sensor resolution [px]


Pixel size [µm]


Refresh rate [Hz]




Display resolution [px]


Coloring of the picture

8 color palettes

Lens parameters

50 mm F/1,0

Digital zoom [x]


Shortest focusing dist. [m]


Spectral range [μm]


Internal storage [GB]


External power supply [v]


Power parameters [v]

B-Pack (IPS7, IPS14 Li-Ion, 3xAA basket, 4xCR123 basket)

Video / photo Recorder


Video/photo record format


Wi-Fi module

2,4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n

Wi-Fi range [m]


L x W x H [mm]


Battery lifetime [h]



Yes (IPX7)

Weight [g]


Working temperature range

-25 / +50 °C