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Pulsar Proton XQ30

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Pulsar Proton XQ30 thermal imaging cap – equipped with a sensitive sensor with a resolution of 384×288 pixels, NETD coefficient less than 40mK, weighs less than 380 grams, and fits comfortably in the hand.

The installed AMOLED display with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels offers a sharp image while maintaining the parameters of the day telescope.

The Proton XQ30 is matched to a variety of variable magnification optics. The Proton series is fully waterproof, so it can be used in all weather conditions, in temperatures from -25 to + 50 ° C. The housing has an IPX7 degree of protection (which allows the device to be immersed at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes).

The cap is mounted on the telescope with a modern PSP adapter adapted to telescopes with a lens diameter of 50mm and 56mm, which allows for smooth adjustment of the field of view of the cap and precise settings in relation to the daytime telescope aiming point.

The adapter is not included in the set and should be purchased separately, taking into account the diameter of the objective lens of your riflescope.

Pulsar Proton can be used with various scopes, the recommended magnification range is 1.5-4x.

The body of the cap is made of a durable magnesium alloy, thanks to which the device dissipates heat faster, which improves the image quality.

An additional element of the equipment of the XQ 30 version is the observation monocular with the parameters of 5×30.

The monocular is mounted to the back of the thermal imaging cap (without the need to disassemble the telescope adapter), after installing the monocular, the device is transformed into an observation thermal imager with a magnification of 5x.

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