Fallow deer is becoming more and more popular here. Still hunters want to come here and mix it with red stags. Roebuck in this territory is very nice and strong. Hotel located on the side of the hunting area. Good

Very good hunting ground for bucks. We have special packages here. After shooting min. 5 roebucks you will get 1 wild boar free. Don't waist your time and book qucikly. 25 buck each year are possible to harvest. Perfect for

Famous place for good driven hunt in region. From May till winter we can arrange individual hunts starting from roebuck and finishing on stag hunt. Professional guides and knowledge of the area gives 100% sucessful hunt. Accommodation can be nice

Hunting in the valleys with landscape that hold your breath. You will be staying in nice agrou-house 5 min from the hunting area. Delicious food with natural products. Roebuck hunt in this area is always succesfull and you can easy

"Valley of 1000 castles". In this beautiful place you can shoot really nice roebucks from 250 even up to 450g. Terrain is little bit hilly which give possibility to staking. Farmfields and grassfields it's perfect habitat for getting good buck.

Great area for stag and hunting in mountains. Accommodaion is any option: exclusive castle or hunting lodge (standard price). Apart of the beatuful mountain views and good stalking conditions you can spend there great time for visiting several hitorical, geological