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Hikmicro Thunder TH35C is a thermal imaging cap equipped with a 384 x 288 px sensor with a pixel size of 17 µm. It has a high-quality OLED display 748 x 561 px in the cap mode and OLED 1024 x 768 px in the observation monocular mode.


HIKMICRO Thunder TH35C has a light and durable polymer body and is the lightest sight in its class on the market. The structure also guarantees resistance to shocks, impacts and weather conditions. The body has been protected against water, dust and moisture (IP67 class), therefore the cap is resistant to all weather conditions that may occur during hunting. It is extremely important to keep silence during the game’s approach, which is why rubber buttons with noiseless operation are used to operate the cap.

Modular design

One of the main advantages of HIKMICRO thermal imagers is their modular design, thanks to which one device can perform various tasks. Our offer includes the necessary accessories thanks to which the HIKMICRO thermal imager will become your favorite tool for hunting and observation. The accessories are fully compatible with all HIKMICRO Thunder and Thunder PRO thermal imagers, so everyone can adjust them to their own needs.

Thunder TH35C can act as 3 devices:

• thermal imaging attachment (adapter for telescope to be purchased separately)

• thermal imaging sight (eyecup and assembly sold separately)

• observation monocular

Image parameters

The HIKMICRO Thunder TH35C uses a large lens with a diameter of 35 mm for high brightness, resolution and range.

In viewfinder mode, the HIKMICRO Thunder TH35C has the popular PiP (Picture-in-Picture) function allowing the hunter to observe the target simultaneously and precisely while maintaining a wide field of view. Thunder also has a digital zoom option in 2x, 4x and 8x (the option only works with an additional eyecup on).

The hunter has 4 most popular display modes at his disposal, he can choose between:

• white hot – warm in a light color – the higher the temperature, the lighter the tone

• black hot – warm in a dark color – the higher the temperature, the darker the tone.

• red hot – an image like in the black hot mode, with the hottest elements highlighted in red

• fusion – high temperature to low – color image from white, yellow, red, pink to purple.

HIKMICRO Thunder TH35C 3 in 1:

  • Thermal clipon (no adapter included),
  • Observation monocular (only additional with an eyecup),
  • Thermal scope (only additional with eyecup).

Additional information

Magnification [x]

1,0 – 8,0

Sensor resolution [px]


Pixel size [µm]


Thermal sensitivity [mK]


Refresh rate [Hz]


Angular field of view [deg.]


Observation range [m]


Lens parameters

35 mm F/1,0



Display resolution [px]


Digital zoom [x]

1×, 2×, 4×, 8×

Eye relief [mm]


Shock resistance

750 g/1 ms

Battery type

Two replaceable CR123A(included)/RCR123A batteries

Battery lifetime [h]


Protection Level


Working temperature range

-20 /+55℃