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InfiRay RICO RL42

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The InfiRay RICO RL42 thermal imager is a multifunctional infrared thermal imaging device. Thanks to the improvements, the Rico series offers high-quality image correction and its automatic optimization. The product is equipped with an eyepiece with a magnification of up to 16 times, a convenient detachable battery and the possibility of comprehensive updating of the software interface. Additionally, it is possible to quickly install a laser rangefinder.

The RICO RL42 thermal imaging sight features an independent high-performance VOx sensor that provides vivid, highly detailed thermal images. High image quality, in all weather conditions, is a guarantee of the precision of each shot.

AMOLED Micro Display

Sharp image and vivid colors are provided by the AMOLED micro-screen with high contrast and HD resolution. The display screen is able to withstand even negative temperatures, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Ultra Clear Mode

The InfiRay RICO RL42 infrared sight perfectly copes with difficult weather conditions, such as dense fog or rain, thanks to the built-in Ultra clear mode. High sensitivity helps to read even the smallest details.

User-friendly interface

The friendly and easy-to-use interface, in the form of intuitive icons, allows you to easily navigate the device, and the transparent background of the menu ensures free and uninterrupted observation of the target. The RICO RL42 thermal imaging sight is an ideal choice not only for users who have already had contact with thermal imaging, but also for those who are just starting their adventure. Intuitively arranged buttons mean that there is no need to distract from observation when using the available functions in the device.

The above-average range of the RICO RL42 thermal vision sight

The InfiRay RICO RL42 thermal imaging sight has a clear 42mm lens focusing heat rays, giving the possibility of long-range observation. The field of view in the RICO RL42 Imager is 7.5 by 5.7 degrees. The 384×288 px sensor made in the latest 12μm matrix technology and the use of advanced optics in the RICO RL42 viewfinder translates into over 2000 meters of real range. The device has a 16x digital zoom.

InfiRay Outdoor mobile application

Thanks to the built-in WiFi connectivity module, we can connect wirelessly to the dedicated InfiRay Outdoor application. The application allows you to view live images from the viewfinder camera, take photos, record videos, share files and manage settings.

Removable laser rangefinder

The InfiRay RICO RL42 thermal imaging sight has the ability to attach a dedicated laser rangefinder, which allows you to accurately capture and display the target distance with an accuracy of ± 1 m and a maximum of 1000m. The integrated rangefinder allows you to determine the distance in two modes: single measurement and scanning mode. The scaling mode allows the shooter to quickly adapt to changing distances for better shot placement. Rangefinder not included – available separately.

The Picture-in-Picture function of the InfiRay RICO RL42 thermal imaging sight improves accuracy by providing a double magnification of the image of the grid area at the top of the display. This helps to magnify the target while keeping the entire field of view visible.

The RICO RL42 thermal imaging sight supports a 3.7V, 4400mAh battery. High capacity ensures uninterrupted operation for up to 6 hours. The batteries can be replaced in seconds, which allows you to maintain virtually continuous power at any time you use the device.

The RICO RL42 thermal imager offers the possibility of image capture and video recording during observation. One press of the REC button captures your footage for easy sharing with colleagues, friends and family.

Recorded videos and photos can be easily sent via wired or WiFi connection. The built-in 32 GB internal memory allows you to register many photos and recordings, ensuring a unique experience.

The RICO RL42 thermal imager has additional functions such as an accelerometer and a digital compass. Built-in systems increase accuracy by precisely identifying cant and angles. It also indicates the direction and degree of the lateral angle tilt.

Distance measurer: optional

Additional information

Magnification [x]


Sensor resolution [px]


Pixel size [µm]


Thermal sensitivity [mK]


Refresh rate [Hz]


Observation range [m]


Eye relief [mm]


Objective lens diameter [mm]


Exit pupil [mm]




Display resolution [px]


Lens parameters

42 mm F/1,1

Internal storage [GB]


L x W x H [mm]


Battery type

3.7 V / 4400mAh

Battery lifetime [h]




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