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InfiRay SAIM SCT35 12μm V2

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The InfIray Saim SCT35 thermal imaging sight is designed on the basis of the highest quality thermal imaging matrix based on VOx Vanadium oxide with a resolution of 384x288px. The size of a single pixel is 12 micrometers. The Imager is equipped with the most modern possible LCOS display with a much better black depth than any other Imager.

The display resolution is as much as 1280×960 pixels, which, combined with the refresh rate of 50 Hz, guarantees a perfect image and its smooth movement in all conditions. The light and compact casing of the device makes it easy to transport and operate the sight.

The highest image quality

Top-class sensor in combination with software using Matrix III technology provides a perfect, sharp and detailed image, thanks to which the identification of objects is much easier.

Friendly interface

Already at the design stage of the Saim sights, one of the main assumptions was their simple and intuitive operation. This makes the menu icons displayed against a contrasting background clear and easy to understand. In addition, large buttons located on the top of the sight make it easy to operate with gloves without removing them.

The most important features of the Saim SCT35 sight

• the highest image quality thanks to the high-resolution matrix and Matrix III technology

• simple and clear control system

• manual focus adjustment

• visibility enhancement mode – dense fog or falling rain are no longer an obstacle

• compact size and low weight

• high resistance to mechanical damage

• the ability to detect a human figure from a distance of 1,800 meters

• possibility of connecting an external power supply

• four image display modes

• sealed housing resistant to rain and short-term immersion in water

• possibility of mounting the sight on the Weaver rail

• 16 Gb of built-in memory for storing movies and photos

• WiFi module allowing connection with four devices

• built-in compass

Contents of the package

• Saim SCT35 thermal sight

• case

• carrying strap for the cover

• USB video cable

• Weaver rail adapter

• adapter mounting screws

• batteries

24-month warranty

Additional information

Max. magnification [x]


Minimum magnification [x]


Sensor resolution [px]


Pixel size [µm]


Thermal sensitivity [mK]


Refresh rate [Hz]


Angular field of view [deg.]

7,5° × 5,7°

Dioptre adjustment [D]


Observation range [m]


Display resolution [px]

1280×960 LCOS

Coloring of the picture


Data interface


Objective lens diameter [mm]


Internal storage [GB]


Compass & Msensor


Video / photo Recorder


Wi-Fi module


L x W x H [mm]


Battery type

2 x CR123 batteries

Battery lifetime [h]


Weight [g]