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Senopex DOT S7

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Thermal target buff
Target enhancement algorithm to highlight targets in the field of view. Perfect for the quick detection of animals without being influenced by other elements of the environment.

Multiple boost modes for all weather conditions
“Details” mode: design to improve overall image quality and bring image details to a higher level of clarity.

Assasin Mode: Designed to improve target clarity and clarity while eliminating the influence of irrelevant factors. Perfect for quickly detecting and finding hunting targets in seconds.

Equator Mode: Designed to identify hot targets against hot surfaces. Perfect for detecting multiple objects of high temperature in hot weather. Equator Mode is extremely useful when the ground temperature is warmer than the observed targets.

Germanium lens with large F1.0 aperture
All Senopex infrared riflescopes are constructed with an F1.0 aperture to obtain the best result in the transmittance and overall sensitivity of the optical system.

14 hours of battery life
Industry-leading 14-hour battery life to keep your hunting safe all night long.

Military Standard 0.5 Inch HD OLED
Military OLED display with high resolution, designed for sharp images and extreme weather conditions in the temperature range from -40 ℃ to + 60 ℃.

Aviation-grade aluminum alloy housing
Hard anodized aluminum alloy housing, no plastic parts to ensure the best durability.

Original IP67 protection level with confirmed tests and certificates. The device can be thrown into water up to a meter deep for half an hour.

Recoil resistance 7000J

DOT withstands recoil over 1200G to be the best shockproof on the market.


Refresh rate [Hz]
Field of view
5.9 ° x4.4 °
Object detection 1.8×0.5m [m]
Sensor resolution (W × H) [px]
640 x 480
Display resolution (W × H) [px]
1024 x 768
Objective size [mm]
Digital zoom [×]
Optical zoom [×]
Internal storage
32 GB
Tightness class
Working time (on battery)
Weight [g]