Season 2023

Another great season is behind us. The winter was very calm, so we expected beautiful trophies in our hunting grounds. We weren’t wrong.

Even at the beginning of the season in May, we obtained over 25 medal roebucks, which was not possible in previous years. We were also favored by the weather, which was very stable and allowed us to hunt regularly with a success rate of 1-3 animals each time. Our record holders shot 30 pieces in 3 outings with 4 hunters.

The rut was no less interesting because it started right after the harvest, which gave us great visibility of this beautiful spectacle. The weather this year meant that the estrus period began around August 3 and lasted from August 10.

During the break between Roebuck and Red Stag we went on a small trip but we will talk about it in another report πŸ™‚

As every year, the deer season begins on August 21, and on that day the first guests arrived. Unfortunately the weather was very bad with rain, wind and the start was poor. However, the rut did not disappoint us. This year it was between September 15 and 25. Great and beautiful trophies dominated the field, and each group left happy with the results. Many groups have already announced that they will come back next year, which proves that the hunt 100% met their expectations.

Driven hunting season is the eldorado of game. Unfortunately, due to ASF, some of our areas were limited, while in hunting clubs with exemplary management, the number of animals per parade was 15-25.

The entire season was successful, which is evidenced by the increasing number of reservations for subsequent seasons. I would like to thank all the hunters who came to us and took advantage of our offer, and those who were hesitant to take up our offer πŸ™‚

Thank you and see you soon