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HikMicro Thunder TH35

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HIKVISION – a leader of modern technologies, a leading manufacturer of industrial cameras based on thermal modules, face recognition, supplier of solutions for fully automated warehouses, alarm systems, extends its offer with handheld thermal imaging cameras, creating the HIKMICRO sub-brand.

HIKMICRO Thunder is a thermal imaging viewfinder based on a 50 Hz sensor with a resolution of 384 × 288, made in 17 micron technology, available in two lens variants to choose from – 25 or 35 mm. Attention is drawn to the large 0.39 ”inch OLED 1024 × 768 px screen, in which the Thunder series was equipped.

The hunter has 4 most popular display modes at his disposal, he can choose between:

White hot – warm in a bright color. The higher the temperature, the lighter the tone is.

Black hot – warm in a dark color. The higher the temperature, the darker the tone is.

Red hot – image as in “black hot” with red highlighting the hottest elements

Fusion – From high temperature to low temperature, the image is colored from white, yellow, red, pink to purple.

In addition, the reticle itself can also change color through green, red to white. The mesh itself can be turned off, which will work well during a typical observation.

The sight does not include a mounting rail, which is sold separately. Ask your dealer for mounting to your unit.

The HIKMICRO Thunder thermal imaging sight has the popular PiP or Picture-in-Picture function that allows the hunter to observe more precisely while maintaining a wide field of view. Thunder also uses digital zoom in the range of 2 ×, 4 × and 8 ×.

The construction of the Thunder sight is a high-quality polymer that ensures not only high impact resistance or unfavorable external conditions, but also low weight. This makes the Thunder series the lightest sights in their class. The tightness confirmed by the IPX7 standard ensures full water resistance up to 1 meter. The control panel is covered with rubber and equipped with noiseless buttons.

The HIKMICRO Thunder thermal imager is powered by two 3.0 V RCR123 batteries (included), however, the device also allows the installation of 3.7 V batteries and single-use CR123 batteries. The working time is up to 4.5 hours and can be increased by connecting a power bank.

Like all HIKMICRO cameras, the Thunder thermal sight can also record video and photos on the built-in 16 GB memory.

The main advantages of the Thunder thermal sights:

Object detection over 3000 meters (for mod. TH35)

large OLED screen ensuring high comfort of observation

PiP function

digital zoom up to 8 ×

noiseless buttons

ultra low weight – less than 400 g.

Detailed technical parameters of TH35:

manufacturer’s symbol: HM-TR13-35XF / W-TH35,

sensor: 384 × 288 px / 17 μm / VOx,

NETD: below 35 sq m, F # = 1.0,

lens: 35 mm / F1.0,

linear field of view at 1000 m: 175 m,

screen: 0.39 “/ OLED / 1024 × 768 px,

charging: USB-C / 5 VDC / 2 A / 1.5 W,

operating temperature: -20 ° C to 55 ° C,

dimensions: 187.2 × 62.5 × 59.2 mm,

Additional information

Magnification [x]

2,08 – 16,64

Sensor resolution [px]


Pixel size [µm]


Thermal sensitivity [mK]


Refresh rate [Hz]


Angular field of view [deg.]


Observation range [m]


Lens parameters

35 mm F/1,0



Display resolution [px]


Digital zoom [x]

1×, 2×, 4×, 8×

Eye relief [mm]


Shock resistance

750 g/1 ms

Battery type

Two replaceable CR123A(included)/RCR123A batteries

Battery lifetime [h]


Protection Level


Working temperature range

-20 /+55℃